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Скачать Lovecraft бесплатно

Hans Rodionoff, Keith Giffen, "Lovecraft"
Vertigo | 2004-03-01 | ISBN: 1401201105 | 144 pages | CBR | 71,1 MB

A fascinating but disturbing study of one of America's greatest horror writers, the intense "Lovecraft" examines the bizarre life of author and recluse, Howard Phillips Lovecraft. Since his early childhood in the late 1800's Lovecraft was haunted with dark visions of demons and death. Trapped in a world of macabre creatures and grotesque thoughts, the writer found escape only by weaving his living nightmares into fictional blood curling horror stories. An uncensored tour into a troubled mind, this beautifully painted hardcover edition traces the toils of a man considered both mentally ill and genius as he stumbles across the fine line between reality and insanity.

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