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Скачать Adventure in Rio бесплатно

Adventure in Rio

John Milne: Adventure in Rio
HEINEMANN ELT GUIDED READERS | ISBN 033374201X | 1998 | PDF | 68 pages | 4,8 Mb

Elementary Level:
This series, comprising both original and simplified stories, is published at five levels and provides a choice of enjoyable reading material for all learners of English.

Russell and Nell sat in the office and waited. They waited for the phone call from Brazil. Ten minutes passed. Then twenty minutes. After half an hour, Neil became impatient. 'This is silly!' he said. 'He's not going to phone back. Let's go home!'
At that moment, the phone started to ring. Russell picked it up.
'Russell Bowden here,' the inventor said.
'I've kept you waiting,' said Rufus Garton. 'I'm sorry, I had to drive to a friend's flat. That's where I'm phoning from now. Listen carefully.
'My phones are bugged,' Garton went on. 'I'm sure about that. And I'm being followed. I'm followed everywhere that I go.'

No mirrors please!

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