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Скачать The Cut-glass Bowl and other Stories бесплатно

The Cut-glass Bowl and other Stories

F. Scott Fitzgerald: The Cut-glass Bowl and other Stories
HEINEMANN ELT GUIDED READERS | ISBN 0435272692 | 1995 | PDF | 84 pages | 3,4 Mb

Upper Level
This series, comprising both original and simplified stories, is published at five levels and provides a choice of enjoyable reading material for all learners of English.

Five short stories about life in America in the 1920s and 1940s.

The Cut-glass Bowl - A wedding present brings sorrow and bad luck.

Bernice Bobs Her Hair - Marjorie tells Bernice that if she cuts off her long hair, she will be admired by all the young men.

Gretchen's Forty Winks - Roger Halsey tricks his wife and finishes an important job.

Megnetism - A rich and handsome film star has power over people. But can he control this power or will it destroy him?

Three Hours Between Planes - Donald visits an old friend. But will Nancy remember him?

No mirrors please!

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