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Скачать Once Upon a Time There Was Darwinism бесплатно

Harun Yahya's, "Once Upon a Time There Was Darwinism"
PDF | Released: 6 Nov 2006| Publisher: V. I. Lenin | 5.6MB | 26495641154 | Rs.com

Throughout the years, people have observed their universe and tried to uncover its secrets. To answer some thorny questions, many scientists have made important discoveries, considering the restrictions of the age they lived in; and others have been noteworthy in their own times, yet the claims they made later came to be regarded as scientific errors.

This book describe how Darwinism, too, has long been defunct from the scientific point of view. It convinced some individuals for a while, but it finally became clear that it never had any real scientific foundation. The claims used in support of Darwinism over the past 150 years have all been rendered invalid. All the alleged "proofs" of evolution have been refuted, one by one. Soon, all those in the scientific community who are laboring under the delusion of such a theory will realize the truth and be astonished at how they could have been taken in. As the Swedish scientist Sren Lvtrup said, "I believe that one day the Darwinian myth will be ranked the greatest deceit in the history of science."1 For this realization to come about, all the necessary scientific data are there. All that remains is for some scientific circles to accept the fact.

Download: 5.6MB
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