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Скачать High Energy бесплатно

Dara Joy "High Energy"
Leisure Books | 1998-10 | ISBN: 0843944382 | 362 pages | Html | 1,1 MB

Reader's review:
Summary: Nothing about this book will irk you.
Rating: 5
Before I read the book, I noticed that some reviewers complained about how dumb and immature they found the story's heroine, Zanita. Sure she is, but not to any unusual degree; there are lots of people like her in the real world, who think (really, she thinks foolish things more often than she does them) in a way that seems foolish to an outside observer. Almost the entire novel follows the romantic relationship between Tyber and Zanita, which is very sweet and affectionate. The love/sex scenes are good - fairly brief, but plentiful, and exciting without being vulgarly graphic. I recommend High Energy without reservation as there is very little not to like about it.

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