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Скачать German Folk Tales: Collected and Edited by the Grimm Brothers бесплатно

Grimm Brothers, Francis P. Magoun, Alexander H. Krappe “German Folk Tales: Collected and Edited by the Grimm Brothers"
Southern Illinois University Press | 1969-04-01 | ISBN: 0809303566 | 688 pages | PDF | 1,29 MB

“A new translation of all the Grimm folktales into English is a first-rate event not only for professional folklorists but for the large public who read folktales entirely for pleasure. The last good translation, that of Margaret Hunt, appeared in 1884 and has long been out of print.” —Journal of English and Germanic Philology.
“Now we can greet a new translation which presents tales with literal faithfulness. How does it differ from Hunt’s translation? The language in the Magoun Krappe translation is modern and colloquial as well as simpler.”—Western Folklore.

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