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Скачать Come and Get Me бесплатно

Alyssa Brooks “Come and Get Me"
Berkley Trade | 2007-06-05 | ISBN: 0425215946 | 272 pages | PDF | 1,2 MB

A sexy dare turns up the heat for two lovers in a hot new erotic romantic comedy.
Dylan is perfect husband material: a lawyer, an unselfish lover, and totally hot in a three-piece suit. So why did it freak Sadie out when he proposed? Because she isn't ready to be a lawyer's wife? Or maybe because first, she'd like to take their sex life to another level-like in her fantasies. That's when Sadie said You want me? Come and get me. From the beaches of Kauai to the sands of Egypt, the pursuit is on between the slippery prey and a hunter determined to take it-wherever and however. But when Sadie meets two strangers who fulfill one of her naughtiest fantasies, she hasn't a clue that Dylan is playing a game of his own.

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