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Скачать Alien Encounters бесплатно

Chuck Missler, Mark Eastman “Alien Encounters"
Koinonia House Inc | 1997-07 | ISBN: 1578210615 | 375 pages | PDF | 2,33 MB

Missler and Eastman's book is an excellent look at the UFO phenominon from a Christian point of view. They begin by spending several chapters establishing that there is something more to many (though not all, of course) of the UFO sightings and abduction stories. Only after they have done this do they go on to analyze the problem and propose an End Time scenario.
At that point, the book is very typical of Missler's work. For those of you unfamiliar with him, that means that he goes well beyond the beaten path. The authors propose some rather fantastic scenarios as to how UFOs might play into the fulfillment of End Time prophecy. They do so with a kind of wild abandon, but at the same time backing up their assertions with Scripture and softening them with a wry sense of humor. Many will be put off or even offended (for various reasons) as to their conclusions, but even if you think you will be one of those, the book is well worth reading anyway. At the very least, you will find your perceptions stretched, your mind challenged, and (if you are fair) yourself having the need to dig into Scripture to try to disprove the authors' conclusions.
If you are not a Christian but are interested in UFOs, I suggest that you pick this book up anyway. Again, you may not like the author's conclusions, but you won't be bored.
If you enjoy this book or this subject, I would also recommend UFO: End-Time Delusion by David Allen Lewis and Robert Shreckhise.

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