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Скачать Sadegh Hedayat, The Blind Owl бесплатно

Sadegh Hedayat, The Blind Owl
1994 | Grove Press | ISBN-10:0802131808 | Pages: 144 | PDF | ~35 MB
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Considered one of the most important works of modern Iranian literature, The Blind Owl is a haunting tale of loss and spiritual degradation. Replete with potent symbolism and terrifying surrealistic imagery, Sadegh Hedayat's masterpice details a young man's despair after losing a mysterious lover. As the narrator gradually drifts into madness, the reader becomes caught in the sandstorm of Hedayat's bleak vision of the human condition. – Since 2006, this work in an uncensored form is banned in Iran.

Sadegh Hedayat was born in 1903 to an aristocratic family in Teheran, where he spent most of his life. In 1951, during a visit to Paris, Hedayat committed suicide.

More on him: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sadegh_Hedayat

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