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Скачать Time for a Change (NLP) бесплатно

Time for a Change (NLP)
R. Bandler | ISBN 0916990281 | PDF | 700 kB | 243 pages

Great book. Not for novices or beginners to NLP. One may imagine going to a NLP seminars 1st before reading, and then you can enjoy this elegant book about change and how to create it.

It's about modifying beliefs.

It's about learning to laugh.

It's learning about hypnotic inductions.

It's about adjusting timelines

and changing limiting decisions.

You'll need to at least learn about the appendices before attacking the book.

I enjoyed the hilarious intellectual journey that Richard enthralls you with.

He's a good author with lots of insight.

You might have to read Structure of Magic by Richard Bandler before attacking this tome.

I recommend to hypnotherapists, psychologists, social workers and other people in the transformation and change arena. [/justify]

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