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Скачать Two Lips Went Shopping бесплатно

Two Lips Went Shopping
Publisher: Spinifex Press | ISBN: 1876756217 | edition 2000 | PDF | pages 160 | 0,53 mb

Spinifex Press is proud to be publishing a new poetry collection by Canberra poet, Lizz Murphy called Two Lips Went Shopping in October 2000. This work is the result of the ACT Creative Arts Fellowship she received in 1998. She is also currently working as a Writer on the House at Work project at Parliament House, and Spinifex Press has just reprinted Wee Girls: Women Writing from a Irish Perspective which Lizz Murphy edited in 1996.
Lizz Murphy says you can get anything from piles to poems on a shop floor, fortunately she got mostly poems from her many years of retail experience. Not just the corner stores of her grandparents, but bridal boutiques, supermarkets, and department stores in both Ireland and Australia.

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