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Скачать St. Stephen's бесплатно

Sky Gilbert, "St. Stephen's"
Publisher: Insomniac Press | 2000-04-15 | ISBN 1895837707 | PDF | 176 pages | 6.5 MB

Sky Gilbert boldly challenges the boundaries of gay politics and politically correct intellectualism in this book, an intriguing and sexually charged story of a university professor's trysts with his younger male students. Never afraid to confront even the most taboo of taboos, Gilbert sets his novel in a conservative, small town university, allowing him the platform he needs to bring the difficult subject matter to the fore. The novel relies on humour, too, to propel the suspenseful plot through its tortuous twists to the end. Gilbert's skill as a dramaturge is most evident here, as he delivers his off-the-wall ramblings in the intimate style that is now his trademark. His approach allows a much wider audience a chance to explore the world of gay subculture, unhindered and unintimidated. This is the sequel to his critically acclaimed debut novel, 'Guilty'.




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