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Скачать Murder of a Dead Man (Trevor Joseph S.) бесплатно

John, "Murder of a Dead Man"
Publisher: Accent Press, Ltd. | 2007-06-25 | ISBN 1905170289 | PDF | 320 pages | 1.2 MB

I enjoyed the style of this book. It is a well written mystery, with a reasonably likeable cast of characters. Great setting, interesting comments on social problems, and relationships.
The things that made me not like this book more are the following. 1)The killer is obvious. 2)For me was the clincher. In this case, we are supposed to accept that a prisoner who signed up for a clinical trial of an influenza drug instead is taken in for a total face transplant. Umm, hello? Even if you assume that the doctor is stupid and unethical enough to do such a thing, there is NO WAY the data could be used. It would be a criminal offense, and at the very least, could lead to the doctor's being blacklisted and sued for malpractice. Because of this, I couldn't give the book a higher rating. Still, it is an interesting read.




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