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Скачать Awful Gestures бесплатно

Adrienne Weiss, "Awful Gestures"
Publisher: Insomniac Press | 2000-09-01 | ISBN 1894663128 | PDF | 64 pages | 1.0 MB

With its enigmatic cover, and telling epigraph from poet Wallace Stevens, Awful Gestures, by Adrienne Weiss, itself is a gesture-it holds itself out, offering startling lyrical poems. Highlights include the narrative "American Windows"; the highly personal "At the Anne Frankhuis" in which a daughter and her father come to grips with a haunting revelation; "We are at carnival" sinisterly uses the fun house as a metaphor for one girl's concept of her companion's beauty; and "Stay" is wrenchingly honest in its portrayal of love lost. Though some of the poems seem stunted, and unfinished, this is, overall, a rich debut from a young poet.




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