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Скачать Sob Story бесплатно

Carol Anne Davis, "Sob Story"
Publisher: Snowbooks | 2006-10-31 | ISBN 1905005334 | PDF | 307 pages | 1.1 MB

"The queen of noir."-Booklist
"Davis writes with dangerous authority about the deadly everyday. Her work is dark in ways that Ruth Rendell and Minette Walters can only dream of. You've got to read her."-Ian Rankin
Amy thinks that Jeff, her prison pen pal, will be inside for several years. He lied-his release date is imminent. She believes that he's a gentle, misunderstood young man. She's wrong.
Carol Anne Davis is the author of Shrouded, Safe As Houses, and Noise Abatement and also writes true-crime nonfiction. Her writing regularly appears in monthly mainstream magazines.




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