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Скачать Reading Biblical Poetry: An Introductory Guide by J. P. Fokkelman бесплатно

Reading Biblical Poetry: An Introductory Guide by J. P. Fokkelman
Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press | Number Of Pages: 243 | Publication Date: 2001-10 | ISBN-10: 0664224393 | PDF | 9 Mb

A companion to Reading Biblical Narrative, this volume provides an authoratative introduction and overview to biblical poetry. Fokkelman describes, in step-by-step fashion, how to understand the Bible's poetry. Full of examples, Reading Biblical Poetry makes available a holistic and integrative approach to understanding poetry found nowhere else.

"Fokkelman skillfully guides the reader through the process of reading biblical poetry. Accompanying a clear presentation of his method of analyzing structure and prosody are many insightful observations about the poem's language and meaning. Few books for the uninitiated reader capture as much sophisticated information in such an intelligible way."
- Adele Berlin, Professor of Hebrew Bible, University of Maryland

J. P. Fokkelman is an international expert in Semetic languages and professor of Classical Hebrew Literature at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands. He is the author of Reading Biblical Narrative: An Introductory Guide, available from Westminister John Knox Press.

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