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Скачать A Bardon Companion бесплатно

A Bardon Companion By Rawn Clark
Olivier Dorche/ Josuah Hutchinson Publishing | 223 Pages | 2002-04-11 | ISBN:2951797206 | English | PDF | 985 KB

The is a very handy guide for anyone working their way through the exercises in Franz Bardon's books. Clark successfully address many questions that the beginning or advanced student may have and clears up some of Bardon's concepts that have become difficult to understand in the translation from the German language.

I highly suggest that you look at Rawn's website, where much of this material is available. You can also order a new copy his book there for a fraction of what it is being sold for elsewhere.

Great help to Aspiring Bardonists!

The hermetics of Franz Bardon are of interest to some occultists. While different in many ways from Golden Dawn Hermetics (primarily in that the 1st book has no ceremony, and very little ritual), but is just as fastinating.

Bardon has some techniques and teachings that are less discussed than in other hermetic or occult works. This book helps both students new to the area, as well as those interested from other mystery schools to try and integrate Bardon's theory/practice to their own.

The book is an IDEAL companion to the Bardon book series. It will help those students who may be having a difficult time grasping some of the points in the book. I wish I had come across something like this when I started, as it probably would have helped me save a great deal of time. Be advised, while you can buy a hardcopy from the website you can also read most of it for free too, if you're looking to not spend money on it.

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