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Скачать Leonard Cohen - Spice-Box of Earth бесплатно

Leonard Cohen - Spice-Box of Earth
Publisher: Jonathan Cape | 1961 | ISBN 0 224006487 | 81 pages | PDF | 389 kb

From Amazon.com
This is the second book of Cohen's poetry and it is filled with his unique brand of religion and sexuality, the sacred and the profane. One of the fascinating aspects of Leonard Cohen's poetry has been its elasticity and it's interesting to see how it has evolved over the years; you only have to look at the poems in THE SPICE BOX OF EARTH(1961) compared to the poems in THE ENERGY OF SLAVES(1972) to see the difference; the great thing is that they're all GOOD!There are some breathtakingly lovely poems in this book. No one writes like Leonard Cohen.

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