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Скачать BBC Learning English: The People and Places series бесплатно

Издательство: BBC
Размер файла: 80Mb
Формат Файла: mp3-pdf / rar

BBC Learning English: The People and Places series


All programmes from this series in one file.

Audio and scripts.


The People and Places series ran from April 2007 to March 2008


Words and politics 
The importance of moving words in a political campaign
Xiaolu Guo 
The Chinese writer and film-maker on her work and learning English. 
Richard Firestone 
An American scientist who has been researching an unusual meteor. 
Robin Coupland 
Adviser to the Red Cross, who has spent many years as a field surgeon treating victims of landmines. 
Cooking for all! 
As more and more Britains become obese, the government wants all teenagers to do cooking classes. 
Pen Hadow 
Explorer Pen Hadow tells us why he would take a six-inch nail to a desert island. 
Hany El Hamzawy 
A talented young musician plays for us and talks about his life. 
Speak like a native 
Tips from Penny Dyer, who has coached Nicole Kidman and Cate Blanchett. 
Hopes and highlights 
The Learning English team on the highlights of 2007 and their hopes for 2008. 
Talking about Christmas 
We ask people to desribe their ideal Christmas and their feelings at this time of year. 
What do Indian women think about the modernisation of their traditional dress? 
Christine Denniston has been to Argentina to learn about one of the world's most passionate dances. 
Barrington Irving Junior 
A Jamaican pilot who has recently become the youngest ever man to fly solo around the globe. 
Students at Fort Hare 
We travel to the home of South Africa's black intellectual elite. 
Women and football 
Do the two really go together? We hear from someone who thinks they do. 
Despite being born with cystic fibrosis, Joshua Jones has done all sorts of amazing things - such as climbing Kilimanjaro... 
David Coulthard 
The Formula One star on fast driving and his eating disorder. 
Tractor Lady 
A Dutch actress who is travelling from Europe to the South Pole... on a tractor! 
High Jumpers 
Donald Thomas, the new world high jump champion, explains his relaxed approach. 
Girl Geek Diners 
We got to a London bar with a group of people who are passionate about technology. 
Meeting penguins 
Meredith Hooper has been to Antarctica to get to know the penguins! 
Chinese warriors in London 
The director of the British Museum, Neil Macgregor, introduces us to the famous Terracotta Army. 
The Lipstick blondes 
Suzy Madge leads a group of women who climb mountains. 
Alexis Kekeh
Having turned down an incredible opportunity, Alexis tells us why he has no regrets. 
Molly Dancers 
Tony Forster of the Pig Dyke Molly Dancers tells us about this interesting pastime. 
Uma Gunasilan 
We meet a Malaysian Indian who tells us all about an important Hindu festival. 
Sun Hai Nin 
Hai Nin recently won a competition in China to do a two-week study trip in the UK. What will she make of it all? 
Grow your own
We hear about a new film, called Grow Your Own, that takes us to a very English place - an allotment.
Hoglands was the home of the famous British artist Henry Moore. His daughter Mary shows us round. 
Iceland calling 
Artist Katie Paterson speaks to us from an Icelandic lagoon. 
Taking art to the streets of London 
The director of the National Gallery tells us how he is hanging paintings round the capital. 
Paul McKenna, one of Britain's best known hypnotists, helps people stop smoking, lose weight and overcome their phobias. 
Pet sitter 
Catherine Brown runs 'Happy Hounds and Cooler Cats', a dog walking and pet care business. 
Raven master 
Derrick Coyle is a 'beefeater' who looks after the famous ravens at the Tower of London. 
The funeral director 
Emma Sparre-Slater arranges burial or cremation for people in the Christian faith. How did she come to do this job? 
Alexandra Kloss 
A talented young musician talks about her studies at the Royal Acadamy of Music. 
Yuko Haruna 
A road safety campaigner tells us how she became involved and what her hopes for the future are. 
The Brummie Accent 
We hear from some people in Birmingham who are fed up with criticism of their accent. 
Sir Robin Knox Johnson 
At 68, the oldest competitor in a sailing race around the world. 
Kate Moss 
The British model has designed her own range of clothes, and thousands queued for the launch. 
The Final Frontier 
We find out about a company which sends the ashes of the dead into space. 
Born in London, Hina has lived in several countries. She explains how she sees her nationality.
Mahamat Adamou 
Mahamat explains why he left his native Chad and what his plans are for the future.
Albert Little
An American who's given up two years of his life to serve in the US Peace Corps.


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