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Скачать Cronin A. J. - The Citadel [BBC Radio 4: Classic Serial] бесплатно

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Cronin A. J. - The Citadel [BBC Radio 4: Classic Serial]

Set in the 20's and 30's of Britain, "The Citadel" recounts the evolution of a young Scottish doctor embarking upon his career. We follow his struggles from the mines of Wales to posh London and beyond. Committed to helping mankind, hard working though of modest means, Andrew Manson arrives fresh out of medical school -- with all the enthusiasm and idealism of youth. Eager to dedicate himself to improving the lives of his rustic patients, Andrew dedicates many hours to private study in his chosen field of lung disease.

But young Andrew is buffeted by fate for many years; although lucky in his choice of a life partner, he encounters opposition at every turn -- from his employers, institutions, quacks and busybodies. Each move promises to be an upgrade, but he is rarely permitted to enjoy the change for long. He does meet a few decent young men in his travels, but he gradually chafes under the system which perpetuates greed and ignorance - the medical establishment in general, to which Cronin refers as the Citadel. Only a fool-hardy person would seek to attack such a mighty establishment, for the GMC can always strike a doctor off for misconduct - real or perceived.

This is a beautiful story of a young doctor's struggle and his journey towards professional opportunity, social acceptance, and moral regression, culminating in dreadful loss and the promise of redemption.

Dramatised in four parts by Herbert Williams from A. J. Cronin's 1937 novel, "The Citadel".

Music taken from 'Suite for String Orchestra' (1942) by Herbert Howells

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