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Скачать Airspeak Radiotelephony Communication for Pilots бесплатно

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Radiotelephony Communication

for Pilots


Centre of Applied Linguistics, University of Besancon and Air Inter, Paris

in association with

Edward Johnson

Wolfson College, Cambridge



Throughout the book, references arc given for the ICAO. CAA and DGAC phraseologies.


The documents referred to arc:

International Civil Aviation Organisation, Manual of Radiotelephony, First —

Edition 1984, Doc 9432-AN/925

Civil Aviation Authority, CAP413, 1984 edition -

Direction Generale de l Aviation Civile, Procedures de Radiotelephony a l Usage —

de la Circulation Aerienne Generate -— Phraseologie, Arrete du 7 Septembre


The ICAO Manual of Radiotelephony has been chosen in preference to the recommendations in

the PANS-RAC, as the presentation of short dialogues in the Manual is considerably easier to

place in the context of its correct phase of flight than the original recommendations. However, it

has occasionally been necessary to return to the source, as it were, for example in the Route

Clearances Section. In this case the document referred to is:

International Civil Aviation Organisation, Procedures for Air Navigation, Rules of -the Air

and Air Traffic Control, 4444.




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