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Скачать Mosaic 1: Listening and Speaking (Book & Audio) бесплатно

 Mosaic 1: Listening and Speaking (Book & Audio)

Mosaic 1 - аудиокурс для студентов, а также для тех, кто изучает английский самостоятельно.

Interactions / Mosaic Silver Edition is a fully-integrated, 18-book academic series.
• Language proficiencies are articulated across five ability levels (beginning through advanced) within each of the four language skill strands.
• Chapter themes articulate across the four skill strands to systematically recycle content, vocabulary, and grammar.

New to the Silver Edition
• Teacher-approved, contemporary, full-color design - for Interactions Access and Interactions 1 and 2 reading and Listening/Speaking - showcases compelling instructional photos to strengthen the educational experience.
• Up-to-date, engaging global content appeals to the sophisticated, academic audience for Interactions/Mosaic.
• Enhanced focus on vocabulary building, test taking and critical thinking skills promotes academic achievement.
• Self-Assessment Logs encourage students to evaluate their learning.
• Focus on Testing strategies and activities for TOEFL iBT preparations build invaluable test-taking strategies.
• Skills index for each student book helps instructors match textbook content with curricular standards and objectives.
• Guided practice using a variety of graphic organizers provides students with organization tools for academic skill building.
• Best Practices approach in the Teacher's Edition promotes excellence in language teaching and learning.

This is the intermediate to high intermediate level Listening/Speaking student book with audio highlights.

Автор: Jami Hanreddy, Elizabeth Whalley
Название: Mosaic 1 Listening and Speaking. Silver Edition
Серия: Mosaic
Издательство: McGraw-Hill ELT
Год выпуска: 2007
Страниц: 221
Формат: PDF, MP3
Bitrate audio: 192 kbps
Размер: 578,84 MB
Язык: English

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