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Скачать Primary Pronunciation Box бесплатно

Автор: Nixon C., Tomlinson K.
Издательство: Cambridge University Press
Размер файла: book 13,5 Mb, CD 48 Mb.

Pronunciation  games and activities for younger learners


Are you looking for enjoyable pronunciation activities to use with your young learners? Do you need something which is easy to use and quick to prepare? Then Primary Pronunciation Box is the resource book for you. It contains more than 60 photocopiable activities to introduce children to English pronunciation.

  • Elements of pronunciation are practised through range of exciting songs, rhymes, chants, games, word searches, crosswords and other task-based activities.
  • Each activity is supported by step-by-step instructions which are easy for the teacher to use.
  • The activities are of varying lengths and are suitable for many different teaching and learning styles.
  • The book covers most of the beginner and pre-intermediate vocabulary needed to prepare students for
  • the Cambridge Young Learners English Tests (Cambridge ESOL).
  • Primary Pronunciation Box comes with a lively audio CD containing chants, rhymes and songs.




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