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Скачать Kiddie's favorites songs vol.2 бесплатно

Автор: Intelikids
Издательство: Terax S.A/ musicbrokers.
Размер файла: 24133 KB
Формат Файла: MP3 in Rar

All the  songs were specially compiled to estimulate the English learning process for little children and to help them to acquire the English sounds throuhg the lovely melodies and songs  letters. Apart from that many of the records are very well known even by us as part of our childhood. The album contains the following songs:
 01-London's Burning
02-She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain
03-Old MacDonald Has a Farm
04-Frиre Jacques
05-For He's a Jolly-Good Fellow
06-I Was Working on the Railroad
08-Grand Olde Duke of York
09-Skip to My Lou
10-Big Ship Sails on the Ali-Ali-O
11-Ride a Cock-Horse to Bandbury Cross
12-T'Was on a Monday Morning
13-Billy Boy
14-Pop Goes the Weasel
15-Oh Dear, What Can the Matter Be
16-Peas Pudding
17-Oranges and Lemons

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