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Скачать Next avengers: Heroes of tomorrow бесплатно

Автор: Marvel
Издательство: Animated Marvel
Размер файла: 710 mb
Формат Файла: avi + srt

After the deaths of their parents, the children that comprise Next Avengers are left in the care of an aging Tony Stark and secreted off to a hidden compound in the Arctic.  The children are: Torunn, daughter of Thor and unknown mother, Pym, the son of the Wasp and Giant Man, James, the son of Captain America and the Black Widow and Azari, the son of the Black Panther and Storm.  When the children stumble across robot duplicates of their parents, they accidentally launch these Iron Avengers and alert Ultron to their location.  Ultron corrupts the Iron Avengers and takes Tony hostage.  In their rescue attempt, the children learn of Hawkeye’s existence, the original Hawkeye Clint Barton's son.  They learn that another hero - the Hulk - still exists and seek out his help in destroying Ultron.





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