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Скачать The Maui Millionaires for Business бесплатно

Автор: David Finkel, Diane Kennedy
Размер файла: 2.2 mb
Формат Файла: pdf

This book was written for entrepreneurs and is organized into Five “secrets” to help you grow your business into what the book refers to as a Level 3 business - One that makes money for you with little to no input on your part - unless you want it that way.

The information is generally top-level, but valuable. The co-authors have qualified business backgrounds: David Finkel, a real-estate investor, and Diane Kennedy, a CPA. Their success has led them to begin the Maui Millionaires.

This book is like an accelerated graduate program on how to build your business and grow your personal fortune. You'll learn how to:

* Build a business that works for you—not the other way around
* Triple your business's cash flow and increase your personal net worth tenfold
* Grow your wealth independent of your business for long-term financial security
* Find a deeper meaning—beyond just the money—to sustain you and your business in the long run
* Invest in the greater good and reap enduring rewards

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