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Скачать The Story of the Solar System - Cambridge University Press бесплатно

Автор: Mark A. Garlick
Издательство: Cambridge University Press
Размер файла: 10 mb
Формат Файла: PDF in RAR

The bodies of our solar system have orbited continuously around the Sun since their formation, but they have not always been there, and conditions have not always been as they are today. The Story of the Solar System explains how our solar system came into existence, how it has evolved and how it might end billions of years from now. After a brief historical introduction, the book illustrates the birth of the Sun, and then explains the steps that built up the bodies of the Solar System. Using vivid illustrations, the planets, moons, asteroids and comets are described in detail. Comparison of these objects, and analysis of how they have changed and evolved since birth, is followed by a look towards the end of the solar system’s existence. Fully illustrated with beautiful, astronomically accurate paintings, this book will fascinate anyone with an interest in our solar system.

• Fully illustrated by the author with astronomically accurate digital paintings • Unique in its content, with coverage of the birth, content, evolution and death of the Solar System • Clear, step by step approach to understanding our Solar System


Introduction; Part I. Genesis of the Sun: Part II. Emergence of the Sun's Family: Part III. Solar System Past and Present: Part IV. End of an Era: Glossary.


' … excellent … This volume reflects modern-day thinking on the evolution of the Solar System and each of the bodies within. … Being an astro artist, the author is also the illustrator, providing beautiful impression images, alongside appropriate diagrams and photographs that have been chosen from the best available sources. … This book is a refreshing and informative read that I highly recommend to everyone.' Astronomy Now

‘What makes this book different is that its author is an astronomical illustrator, who has filled this book with pictures of how the solar system might appear, now, in the past and in the distant future … the idea is appealing and the images make excellent talking points …’. Astronomy & Geophysics

‘Garlick tells an unimaginably long and fascinating story, and that story is very well told in both words and pictures. A worthy addition to just about anyone's bookshelf, and a must have for those who would like a clear picture of the Sun and its family from its conception to the cosmic afterlife.’ Peter Grego, Popular Astronomy

‘Colorful, well-illustrated…’. Lunar and Planetary Information Bulletin

‘This large-format book will appeal to anyone who wants a slightly more detailed look at the environment that surrounds our home star than other visually oriented books seem to provide … There’s no doubting the comprehensiveness of the subject matter and Garlick’s carefully hand-painted and computer-generated illustrations look fantastic. The colours are vibrant and rich, the images striking, bold and dramatic. And some of Garlick’s written descriptions are delightfully quirky too, lending the book an additional charm … full marks … and a gold star for the lush illustrations.’ Dan Slingsby, Focus

‘This is an excellent book using simple, plain language … a refreshing and informative read that I highly recommend to everyone.’ Astronomy Now

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