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Скачать Living Folklore: An Introduction to the Study of People and Their Traditions бесплатно

Автор: Martha C. Sims, Martine Stephens
Издательство: Utah State University Press
Размер файла: 2.58 Mb
Формат Файла: Rar'd PDF

Living Folklore is a comprehensive, straightforward introduction to folklore as it is lived, shared and practiced in contemporary settings. Drawing on examples from diverse American groups and experiences, this text gives the student a strong foundation—from the field’s history and major terms to theories, interpretive approaches, and fieldwork. Many teachers of undergraduates find the available folklore textbooks too complex or unwieldy for an introductory level course. It is precisely this criticism that Living Folklore addresses; while comprehensive and rigorous, the book is specifically intended to meet the needs of those students who are just beginning their study of the discipline. Its real strength lies in how it combines carefully articulated foundational concepts with relevant examples and a student-oriented teaching philosophy.
Table of Contents
1    Folklore    1
2    Groups    30
3    Tradition    64
4    Ritual    94
5    Performance    127
6    Approaches to interpreting folklore    174
7    Fieldwork and ethnography    202
8    Examples of folklore projects    225
9    Suggestions for activities and projects    273

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