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What are the main influences on the formation of self-identity? What role do language and non-verbal communication play in the construction and display of identity? How does consumer culture impact on displays of self-identity? The rapid growth of cultural diversity within Western societies not only presents new possibilities and dilemmas for the construction of self and social-identity, but also highlights the need for individuals to be aware of the factors which impact upon co-cultural and intercultural communication. Many of the messages carried in everyday social interaction can be seen to carry the raw materials out of which identities are explored, displayed and constructed.This introductory text explores the socio-cultural surround in which interpersonal communication takes place, and considers the interface between interpersonal and mass communication. Case studies, models, questions for discussion and examples linking theory and practice allow you to explore ideas about the formation and display of identity in everyday encounters. The topics include: exploration of the concept of identity; identities in groups; social identities: ethnic, class, gender and sexuality; consumer identities; marginalised or 'outsider' identities; models of communication; and intercultural communication. "Key Themes in Interpersonal Communication" is a must-read for all students on Communication studies, Cultural studies and Sociology courses.


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