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Скачать Visual Communication - Understanding Maps, Charts, Diagrams, and Schematics (2002) бесплатно

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Visual communication is an exploding area of assessment. Increasingly, students and employees are being measured on their proficiency in this skill. This hands-on resource provides real solutions for test success, as well as obstacle-free visual communication. The lessons in Visual Communication offer instruction on understanding and using documents and graphics such as maps, tables, graphs, charts, diagrams, schematics, blueprints, and whiteprints, while also teaching how to make these and other types of visual tools to communicate ideas, plans, and messages. In clear, focused chapters, Ned Racine discusses common types of visual communication and educates students and members of the workforce as they master visual communication.


1 Spatial/Visual Intelligence
2 Visual Communication in Everday Life and Business
3 Finding Your Way in the World: Compasses and Maps
4 Tracking Information
5 Explaining Data
6 Solving Problems and Tracking Projects
7 Technical Drawings: Blueprints, Whiteprints, and Drawings
8 From Circuits to Theaters: Using Schematics
9 Navigating the Computer World
10 Reaching Your Audience

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