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Скачать Test-Taking Power Strategies (Sept. 2007) бесплатно

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Taking a test can be nerve-wracking, especially when your future is riding on the results. And any kind of test - from high-stakes academic tests to career qualification exams - can be faced successfully with Test-Taking Power Strategies. Simple but invaluable tips to ace any test:
- The most effective ways to memorize
- The 5 classic methods to overcome test anxiety
- The right (and wrong) way to cram
- The 10 most common test-day problems - and solutions
- How test makers try to distract you
- How to become an educated guesser
- How to predict the subjects for essay questions in advance

More Essential Features and Strategies:
- Exclusive reviews covering critical basic writing skills for taking essay exams
- Practice with various kinds of test questions
- Help with real-world problems, such as anxiety and insufficient preparation time


Introduction: How to Use This Book
Chapter 1: Finding Out about the Tests You Must Take
Chapter 2: Making and Carrying Out a Study Plan
Chapter 3: Learning Strategies
Chapter 4: Knowing When You Don’t Know
Chapter 5: Getting More Out of Reading
Chapter 6: Coping with Test Anxiety
Chapter 7: Psyching Out the Multiple-Choice Test
Chapter 8: Other Types of Questions on the Classroom Test
Chapter 9: Should You Guess? Often, Yes!
Chapter 10: Managing Your Time during a Short-Answer Test
Chapter 11: Preparing for Essay Questions
Chapter 12: Taking an Essay Test
Chapter 13: Writing Basics for the Essay Test
Chapter 14: Test Yourself: A Practice Standardized Test
Chapter 15: Test Yourself: A Practice Classroom Test
Chapter 16: Summing Up
Appendix A: The Answer Grid
Appendix B: Additional Resources

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Формат Файла: rar/pdf


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