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Скачать Word Searches For Dummies бесплатно

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Become a word search whiz — and boost your brain power to boot!

Are you wild about word searches? This fun, go-anywhere guide is packed with puzzles to stretch your skills and strengthen your mind. Inside you'll find eight different kinds of word searches — including one invented by the author! — as well as extensive tips and tricks to improve your puzzle-solving abilities. You'll have a great time mastering increasingly difficult searches while you reap the brain-boosting benefits.

  • Working with word searches — get familiar with the eight word search varieties in the book and the strategies for solving each collection
  • Start with straightforward puzzles — try simple and story word searches, find hidden words, and solve secret-shape puzzles

  • Conquer more complex searches — gather your wits for scrambles, quiz questions, and secret-list and winding word searches

  • Play like a pro with bonus puzzles — tackle anagrams and other word games that are guaranteed to make your brain hurt!

  • Try not to peek — the answers to all puzzles feature full grids, so you can see where each word is placed

Open the book and find:

  • 250 brand-new, handcrafted puzzles
  • The brain-boosting benefits of doing word searches

  • A chapter with hints for every puzzle

  • Ten letter-pattern tips

  • Extra or "Ultra" challenging puzzles

  • Secrets to designing your own word searches

  • Web addresses for online resources

  • Fascinating word puzzle facts

Размер файла: 21.1 MB

Формат Файла: rar'd pdf


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