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Скачать The Unofficial Business Travelers' Pocket Guide : 165 Tips Even the Best Business Travelers May Not Know бесплатно

Автор: McGinnis, Christopher J.
Издательство: McGraw-Hill Professional
Размер файла: 500KB
Формат Файла: html

While business travelers come from hundreds of different countries, speak many different languages, and work for thousands of different companies, we have a culture and lifestyle as unique as that of the traveling Gypsies.
Think about it. When we are on the road, we all pretty much read the same magazines and newspapers, wear the same clothes, and have the same problems balancing work life and family life. We eat the same food, stay at the same hotels, and endure the same long flights in cramped quarters. We even recognize each other in ways that outsiders are not able to see. And we also hoard and spend the same currencythe frequent flier mile.

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