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Скачать 701 e-Learning Tips бесплатно

Автор: Elliott Masie
Издательство: The MASIE Center
Размер файла: 5.5MB
Формат Файла: pdf

Here are a few pieces of CONTEXT for the CONTENT in 701 Tips for e-Learning:

• One person’s major AHA tip may seem quite elementary to another person. We have included the widest range of advice and perspectives to address both new and very experienced e-Learning implementations.

• The e-Learning Tips were reproduced as submitted by the sender with a minimum of editing. Our goal was NOT to impose a singular style but to share the original thoughts of your colleagues from around the world. (For example, there are many ways in which the phrase "e-Learning" is spelled.)

• We were not able to include EVERY tip submitted, as we received thousands. If yours was not part of this book, please understand. We will be publishing another TIPS book in a few months, and feel free to send us additional ideas to tips@masie.com.

• A number of TIPS were submitted by colleagues who asked to be anonymous and a few came in without a name in the FROM: field.

• While we funded this project through some low cost sponsorship, no tips were included because of this sponsorship. The MASIE Center continues a three decade commitment to being vendor/supplier neutral.




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