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Скачать A Course in Love бесплатно

Автор: Joan M. Gattuso
Издательство: HarperOne
Размер файла: 1 mb
Формат Файла: PDF

Marketed as an application of...A Course in Miracles (1975) to the realm of relationships, this book describes a "new path" where the reader will learn to know what it's like to have love without conflict, to forgive the past totally, to have happiness as the purpose of relationships, and to know that relationships were meant to be holy. The book begins by examining the status of relationships today: the ups, the downs, and, most importantly, the dysfunctional norm. The second part lays out the journey from hell to holy relationships step by step so that readers can begin their own transformational relationship. The book concludes with an intimate look at several couples who now enjoy satisfying, love-filled relationships. Largely successful in motivating and guiding the reader, this first book from inspirational speaker and workshop leader Gattuso is backed by a marketing campaign guaranteed to attract attention. A good choice for any library's relationship/spirituality section.

Approved bY Englishcology

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