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Скачать Gold and Gilt, Pots and Pins: Possessions and People in Medieval Britain бесплатно

Автор: David Alban Hinton
Издательство: Oxford University Press
Размер файла: PDF
Формат Файла: 7.2 MB

an excellent reference volume, packed with fascinating information and both stimulating and engaging. Graham Winton, The Local Historian This book is an excellent example of deep learning worn lightly and well communicated. Kevin Leahy, TLS This is a scholarly book, aimed at archaeologists, historians and museum curators... Jane Morris, The Guardian Offers an illuminating window .. through the artefacts that survive, and which once belonged to people at every level of society. History Today Though this book is innovative for its "big picture" approach, its value as a detailed reference work for anyone working on medieval clothing and textiles of the British Isles cannot be overstated. Medieval Clothing and Textiles.

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