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Скачать Contemporary Cultural Theory: An Introduction бесплатно

Автор: Andrew Milner
Издательство: UCL Press
Размер файла: 0.51 Mb
Формат Файла: Rar'ed PDF

This and concise introduction to cultural theory aims to bring a sense of historical and theoretical scale to cultural studies in Britain. As a comprehensive and accessible guide to the often tricky manoeuverings of social and cultural theory in recent years, it should serve as a guide to students studying the many disciplines now informed by cultural theory. "Contemporary Cultural Theory" identifies six alternative paradigms in cultural studies - utilitarianism, culturalism, marxism, structuralism, feminism and postmodernism - and explores the socio-discursive contexts within which each of these have developed. Andrew Milner is the author of "John Milton and the English Revolution", and co-editor of "Postmodern Conditions" and "Discourse and Difference". This book is intended for undergraduate courses in cultural studies, sociology, media and communication and literary criticism.

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