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Скачать Walking in Scotland бесплатно

Автор: Sandra Bardwell
Издательство: Lonely Planet; 2nd edition
Размер файла: 18.6 Mb
Формат Файла: PDF

Product Description
Scotland contains some of Britain's finest wilderness, from rushing rivers to the surging seas. Take to the wilds or follow in the footsteps of legend as you make your way across an exhilirating range of landscapes. There are highlands to hike and islands to explore, with castles, cottages, and friendly pubs. Whether you want to climb Bens or wander through glens, ancient Scotland is a land of adventure for every walker.

66 detailed trail descriptions for walkers of all levels.

Coasts, Climbs, and Canals color section outlining the variety of Scottish walking.

Two-color contour maps for all featured walks.

Essential accomodation and transport information.

Expert advice on equipment, health, and environmentally responsible walking.

Approved by Englishcology

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