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Скачать On the Discourse of Satire: Towards a Stylistic Model of Satirical Humor (Linguistic Approaches to Literature) бесплатно

Автор: Paul Simpson
Издательство: John Benjamins Publishing Co
Размер файла: 1.11 Mb
Формат Файла: Rar'd PDF

Writing about humour can be a strange and somewhat disorientating business. Humour is glued into social, cultural and even national contexts, so writing a monograph which hopefully draws an international readership forces one to tread a fine line when “unpacking” humour texts; a fine line that is between, on the one hand, stating the obvious in the explication of humorous material,or, on the other, risking losing readers because the topically and culturally situated references within those texts have not been made sufficiently transparent.

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