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Скачать Golden Rules of Making Money бесплатно

Автор: P.T. Barnum
Издательство: Simply Audiobooks Publishing
Размер файла: 49 MB
Формат Файла: mp3 + pdf

“Very positive. Mr. Carpenter is an awesome teacher. He is fast becoming one of the 21st. century’s most prolific leaders.” Gerald Bolden American Red Cross • Would like to retire early or more securely? • Would you like to know what the wealthy know? • Would you like to be debt free? The timeless ideals of P.T. Barnum combined with the wit and wisdom of Charles Carpenter will easily get you started on you way to prosperity and security. “He not only addressed the subject, but presented common sense applications to life…” Dereck Brown Territory Manager/AT&T “Very dynamic! I learned a number of tips and techniques that will be useful.” Robert J. Pratt, Automotive Fleet Manager Chesterfield County, VA

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