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Скачать Doing Case Study Research бесплатно

Автор: Dawson R. Hancock, Robert Algozzine
Издательство: Teachers College Press
Размер файла: 5 mb
Формат Файла: PDF

This practical handbook guides beginning researchers through the stages of planning and implementing case studies. Starting with how to establish a rationale for conducting a systematic case study and identify literature that informs the research effort, this indispensable resource shows students how to determine an appropriate research design and conduct informative interviews, observations, and document analyses. It also describes methods for deriving meaning from data and communicating the results. Finally, the authors delineate the ways to verify the results attained. Students and advisors can use these easy-to-follow steps to shape a thesis, dissertation, or independent project from conceptualization to completion.

Book Features:
* A step-by-step approach that speaks directly to the novice investigator.
* Many concrete examples to illustrate key concepts.
* Questions, illustrations, and activities to reinforce what has been learned.

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