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Скачать Resumes For The 50+ Job Hunter With Sample Cover Letters бесплатно

Resumes For The 50+ Job Hunter
With Sample Cover Letters

This book takes you stepby-step through the process of crafting an effective resume that will stand out in today’s competitive marketplace. It serves as a workbook and a place to write down your experiences, while also including the techniques you’ll need to pull all the necessary elements together.

Скачать Upstream Pre-Intermediate Test Booklet бесплатно

Upstream Pre-Intermediate Test Booklet

Test booklet includes 5 module tests, 10 unit tests, keys and tapescripts.

Upstream Pre-Intermediate is a modularised course for learners of the English language in the 7-8th class (CEF A 2 level)

Скачать 19 Classic Ghost Stories бесплатно

19 Classic Ghost Stories includes:
Present at a Hanging
A Cold Greeting
A Wireless Message
An Arrest
A Man with Two Lives
Three and One are One
A Baffled Ambuscade
Two Military Executions
The Isle of Pines
A Fruitless Assignment
A Vine on a House
At Old Man Eckert’s
The Spook House
The Other Lodgers
The Thing at Nolan
The Difficulty of Crossing a Field
An Unfinished Race
Charles Ashmore’s Trail
Science to the Front

Скачать Grammar Sense - Additional Materials бесплатно

Additional Materials

Teaching Techniques
Experts' tips for teaching grammar and for using Grammar Sense with your students

Tests and Answer Keys
Photocopiable chapter tests to use with your class. Answer Keys are provided


Student Book Answer Keys
The complete answer keys for Student Books 1, 2 and 3

Скачать 'Project English 1' by Tom Hutchinson бесплатно

'Project English 1' by Tom Hutchinson

Для учащихся 9 - 17 лет
Учебный курс, основанный на самостоятельно планируемой и реализуемой учащимися творческой работе – ориентация на исследовательскую, поисковую модель обучения. Выполняя задания, учащиеся самостоятельно вырабатывают представление о языковых закономерностях и формулируют правила.
Project English 1 построен вокруг 8 различных тем - "проектов" и направлен на обучение лексике и грамматике.
Это новая методика, целью которой является раскрытие личности подростка.
Особенности курса:
- самостоятельное выведение грамматических правил;
- метод "работы над проектом" даёт возможность подросткам творчески использовать полученные знания;
- содержательная часть курса ориентирована на интересы подростков.
- "работа над проектами" включает в себя сбор информации, составление викторин, написание обзоров, создание плакатов.

Project English is a beginner's course in English for young learners.
Its key features are:
~ A grammar based, analytical approach. Grammar is treated as a problem-solving activity, and the pupils are treated as thinkers who are guided to work out the rules of grammar for themselves.
~ Project work. Through project work, pupils are given the opportunity to talk and write about their own life, and to relate language to their experience.
~ A strong element of fun. Competitions, games, quizzes and jokes add fun - the life-blood of effective learning.

Скачать The Real History Behind The DaVinci Code бесплатно

The Real History Behind The DaVinci Code

This book is meant as a companion to The Da Vinci Code, filling in background on many of the subjects and places mentioned in the book. It's done in alphabetical order so that the reader can look up only the things that interest him or her at the moment.

Скачать Project - Supplementary Materials бесплатно

Supplementary Materials

Project Extra Tests
Levels 1 - 3

Introduction to Project Work
Tom Hutchinson explains what project work is, what benefits it brings,
and how to introduce it into the classroom.

Grammar Extra
Grammar worksheets to use as warmers and fillers in the classroom.
This new material covering topics from the Project syllabus provides students
with additional reading, writing and speaking tasks targeting specific grammar points.
Work through the sheets, or mix and match!

Project Language Log
The Project Language Log is an individual record of your
students’ progress in learning English.

Скачать Rosetta Stone English UK Level I And II бесплатно

Rosetta Stone English UK Level I And II
Rosetta Stone English UK Level I And II

With Rosetta Stone, you will learn English the way you learned your own native language, without translation or memorization. Native speakers, real-life images, speech recognition and fully interactive software teach you like you learned your first language—naturally.
Rosetta Stone is self-contained and intuitive to use. There are no complicated lists to memorize or handbooks to read. With Dynamic Immersion™, you can start learning immediately. Join NASA, Fortune 500® executives, U.S. diplomats and millions of learners worldwide in discovering the fastest way to learn English

Скачать History Of The Kings Of Britain бесплатно

History Of The Kings Of Britain

History of the Kings of Britain purports to relate the history of Britain, from its first settlement by Brutus, a descendant of the Trojan hero Aeneas, to the death of Cadwallader in the 7th century, taking in Julius Caesar's invasions of Britain, two kings, Leir and Cymbeline, later immortalised by Shakespeare, and one of the earliest developed narratives of King Arthur.
In it, Geoffrey outlines the rise and fall of many British kings, including Arthur himself and his father, Uther the Conqueror.

Скачать Small Talk: More Jazz Chants бесплатно

Small Talk: More Jazz Chants
Продолжаем изучать американский английский в распевающей манере, теперь под музыку.

Level: Beginner to Advanced
A collection of chants designed to practice useful language functions.

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