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Скачать How to Teach Pronunciation [ book + Audio] бесплатно

How to Teach Pronunciation [ book + Audio]
How to Teach Pronunciation
A straightforward primer on the theory and teaching of pronunciation, this text offers detailed analysis and teaching techniques for vowels, consonants, stress and intonation, and the features of fluent speech.

The How to…series offers practical teaching ideas within a clear, theoretical framework. An audio CD with spoken examples of sounds, words and phrases from the book puts the theories examined into a clear context.
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Скачать WEEKLY PAPERS:The Economist, Businessweek, US News бесплатно

WEEKLY PAPERS:The Economist, Businessweek, US News

Скачать Basic English Grammar 2 бесплатно

Basic English Grammar 2
This two-book series was written specifically for English language learners and covers all the basic grammar topics for beginners. Contains clear and concise explanations of the rules and illustrates them with numerous examples. The "Did You Know?" and "Grammar Help" notes add further to the understanding of basic grammar. These books will give English language learners a clear understanding of core grammar skills and help lay a strong foundation for good English. Each book includes 150-pages plus of grammar examples and instruction.

Скачать Speak Out 5-2001 бесплатно

Журнал " Speak Out" адресован старшеклассникам, студентам, учителям и всем тем, кто любит и хочет знать английский язык. Читатели с самым разным уровнем подготовки найдут интересный для них материал в соответствующих рубриках.

Скачать English Adventure 1 Pupil's Book бесплатно

English Adventure 1 Pupil's Book
English Adventure 1 Pupil's Book
English Adventure makes learning English a memorable, magical experience. By using familiar Disney characters that children know and love, English Adventure re-creates a fantastic world of discovery and adventure in the classroom that truly motivates and encourages pupils to learn.
At this level a balance of Disney characters and real life situations keeps pupils interested and motivated. The focus is on oral communication but the children work more with the written language at this level.
- Use of Disney stories and characters capture the pupils' interest and attention motivating them to learn English
- A variety of different activities incorporated to suit all learning styles
- Well structured, cyclical syllabus ensures content is continually revised, reinforcing what is being taught
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Скачать Minibus 1 Pupil's Book бесплатно

Minibus 1 Pupil's Book
Minibus 1 Pupil's Book

The story-based approach presents new language through imaginative stories and those which reflect the world of the child. The materials focus on listening and speaking and introduce reading and writing only in the second level.

Book provided by user Daviddoc

Скачать Sesame English ESL for Children - Food Eating бесплатно

Sesame English ESL for Children - Food Eating
Обучающий курс Sesame English - ESL for children, серия фильмов, предназначенная для детей, изучающих английский, как второй язык и помогающая преодолевать языковой барьер.
Четвертая часть - Food Eating.

Скачать 6 books for economists and managers бесплатно

6 books for economists and managers.

The New Reality Of Wall Street
The Art Of What Works How Success Really Happens
The Disney Way
Stock Options And The New Rules Of Corporate Accountability
Retire Sooner Retire Richer
No Lie Truth Is The Ultimate Sales Tool

Скачать Fun English 1 бесплатно

Fun English 1
Fun English 1

Fun English will motivate your pupils and also give you the flexibility and support you need to create fun, exciting lessons no matter what your teaching situation. It is particularly appropriate for mixed-ability classes as it includes extra exercises for both fast-finishers and those who need more support.
  • Links English lessons to other areas of the school curriculum by introducing cross-curricular and cultural themes
  • Caters for all learning styles with a wide range of fun activities – songs, chants, stories and games
  • Constantly revises and reinforces what is being taught through an achievable syllabus

    Book provided by user Daviddoc

  • Скачать Books for economists and managers бесплатно

    Books for economists and managers



    The Bible On Leadership
    How to Increase.the Value of.Your.Home
    How to Value Your.Business and.Increase Its Potential