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Скачать English Adventure Pupils' book бесплатно

Красочное и увлекательное издание для начинающих осваивать английский язык от издательства Longman. Данное издание способно сделать изучение языка незабываемым и волшебным приключением. В книге используются персонажи из любимых диснеевских мультиков. Публикация обновлена! Добавлены рабочая тетрадочка и карточки!

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Скачать English Words. History and Structure. - Supplementary Exercises for Textbook бесплатно

Supplementary Exercises for Textbook:

English Words. History and Structure
by Robert Stockwell and Donka Minkova

Скачать Education and Technology: An Encyclopedia бесплатно

Education and Technology: An Encyclopedia

"It has never been easy to define educational technology or the scope of the profession." The editors of this encyclopedia use the introduction to try and define the phrase as well as discuss the broad aspects of it. The aim is "to provide an opportunity for those who have had little or no formal introduction to the field of educational technology to learn about its numerous applications and to recognize the relevance of educational technology to many endeavors."

More than 200 alphabetically arranged entries are the work of more than 120 contributors and fall into seven broad categories, as outlined in the topical contents list: "Foundations" ( Cognitive psychology, Human-computer interaction); "Implementation" ( Knowledge management, Rapid prototyping, Webcast); "Issues" ( Assistive technology, Copyright, Digital divide); "Leaders"; "Professional Associations"; "Projects" ( Apple Classroom of Tomorrow Project, JSTOR); and "Research and Theory" ( Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning [CSCL], Visual literacy). Average entry length is five pages. Each selection includes a see also note and references. A glossary, an index, and a list of contributors are all included in volume 2.

Despite its stated aim, this work seems best suited to students majoring in education and professionals in the education field. Those who have no background in either education or technology might find these volumes difficult to use.

Скачать John Eastwood 'Oxford Practice Grammar' и CD-ROM с интерактивным тестом бесплатно

Oxford Practice Grammar with CD-ROM

The right explanations and practice for your language level, plus the only CD-ROM with interactive 'find and correct the mistake' exercises.

Oxford Practice Grammar
- это грамматика английского языка для студентов среднего уровня. Книга включает в себя объяснения грамматических правил с примерами, упражнения и тесты. К ней также прилагается CD-ROM с интерактивным тестом.

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Скачать In Charge - Supplementary Resources бесплатно

Supplementary Resources

Teaching Tips and Student Worksheets
This binder provides supplementary classroom practice for each unit of In Charge 1 & 2.

For each unit, the worksheet contains three sections:
Grammar - Speaking - Vocabulary
For each section, there are Instructions for Teachers and a Student Worksheet.
Where appropriate, we have also included an answer key for the Student Worksheet.

Скачать New interchange 2 - students book бесплатно

Красочные картинки, таблицы и схемы превратят ваше обучение в интересную игру. Как и остальные учебники из этой серии учебник поделен на несколько разделов, каждый из которых имеет свою теоретическую и практическую часть. Учебник подойдет как начинающим так и студентам со средним уровнем знания английского.

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Скачать FRAMEWORK Upper Intermediate level 4 WORKBOOK бесплатно

FRAMEWORK Upper Intermediate level 4 WORKBOOK

Сегодня - долгожданная рабочая тетрать для популярного курса Framework Upper-Intermediate. Enjoy!
Довольно "свежий" и очень приятный во всех отношениях курс. Предназначен взрослым студенам и Young Adults уровня Upper-Intermediate. Интересные темы и реальный английский язык. Всячески рекомендуем!

With a clear methodology based in the practice of the four skills, an inductive approach to grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, Framework is a fresh, new and innovative method . It promotes oral expression of ´Real English´ through the study of traditional themes from a more contemporary and relevant angle, inviting personalisation and discussion.
Framework has been piloted by hundreds of teachers and students nation-wide and combines teaching and learning techniques that really work.
A section called The Real Thing which introduces students to real communicative contexts and also encourages them to notice structures within the text. A "Takeaway English" section in which students are presented with key functional high frequency language for survival in social situations. Dynamic and contemporary topics covered with a fresh approach. A serious approach to evaluation, self-assessment and recycling exemplified by Flashback units which revise key structures seen in preceding units. Total flexibility, as each unit is self-contained and, at the same time, interlocked with the rest of the book. An inductive approach to grammar with meaningful practice of new and recycled structures. A Reference Guide as a resource for students to have all the support they need to tackle the challenges of the course. The content and objectives have been developed according to the regulations of the Common European Framework.
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Скачать Framework 4 (Upper-Intermediate) Reference Guide бесплатно

Framework 4 (Upper-Intermediate) Reference Guide

Буклет и лексико-грамматический справочник из комплекта учебных материалов курса Framework 4 (Upper-Intermediate) содержит грамматику и лексику курса, а также скрипты аудиозаписей.

Includes Grammar Reference, Vocabulary Reference, Transcripts, Phonetic chart, Irregular verbs.
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Скачать Business Class - Upper Intermediate Course Book бесплатно

Учебник по бизнес английскому от создателя серии Market Leader. Книга содержит аудио курс.

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Скачать The Complete Book of Intelligence Tests бесплатно

The Complete Book of Intelligence Tests
The object of this book is to identify different types of intelligence and bring together tests for different aspects of intelligence into one book, and provide an objective assessment of abilities in a number of different disciplines.
This will, therefore, give readers the opportunity to identify their own strengths and weaknesses and thus enable readers to build on their strengths and work at improving their performance in areas of weakness.
As well as the identifying of such strengths and weaknesses, the tests and exercises in this book perform another important function, that of using and exercising the brain.
Whilst the aim of the tests and exercises is therefore two-fold, that of identifying individual strengths and weaknesses and that of exercising the brain, they are at the same time, and equally importantly, designed to provide fun and entertainment to those who take them.