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Скачать Think, A Compelling Introduction To Philosophy бесплатно

Think, A Compelling Introduction To Philosophy
This book is for people who want to think about the big themes: knowledge, reason, truth, mind, freedom, destiny, identity, God, goodness, justice. These are not the hidden preserve of specialists. They are things that men and women wonder about naturally, for they structure the ways we think about the world and our place in it. They are also themes about which thinkers have had things to say.

If readers have absorbed this book, then they should be on better terms with the big themes. And they should be able to read many otherwise baffling major thinkers with pleasure and reasonable understanding.

Скачать Elementary Grammar Games by Jill Hadfield бесплатно

Elementary Grammar Games by Jill Hadfield
A fantastic selection of pairwork, small group and whole class games and activities to help your students develop understanding and fluency in a real, communicative way.
- The language syllabus follows the communicative abilities of the students
- Suitable for use with any course
- Teacher’s notes show you how to play each game
- Photocopiable rules sheets guide the students


Скачать Market Leader Intermediate (Business English) 1st ed бесплатно

Market Leader Intermediate (Business English) 1st ed
Longman Market Leader Intermediate Business English

Учeбнoe пocoбиe пpeднaзнaчeнo для тex, ктo изучaeт дeлoвoй aнглийcкий язык. Блaгoдapя cвoим ocнoвным чepтaм - aутeнтичным мaтepиaлaм из гaзeты Financial Times, вeликoлeпнo пocтpoeнным Case Studies, cпeциaльным кoмпoнeнтaм пo oтдeльным oтpacлям бизнeca. Market Leader cтaл caмым пoпуляpным и aвтopитeтным учeбникoм дeлoвoгo aнглийcкoгo языкa кaк в Poccии, тaк и вo мнoгиx дpугиx cтpaнax. B дaннoм куpce учaщийcя нaйдeт: тeкcты, oтpaжaющиe нoвeйшиe тeндeнции в coвpeмeннoм бизнece; paбoчую тeтpaдь, тecты и книгу для учитeля c нoвыми дoпoлнитeльными зaдaниями и тeкcтaми; видeo, cocтoящee из ceми эпизoдoв, тeмaтичecки cвязaнныx c мaтepиaлoм учeбникa.

Book added. Thanks to fmaria!

Скачать History A Very Short Introduction бесплатно

History A Very Short Introduction
History A Very Short Introduction
There are many stories we can tell about the past, and we are not, perhaps, as free as we might imagine in our choice of which stories to tell, or where those stories end.
John Arnold's Very Short Introduction is a stimulating essay about how we study and understand history.

Скачать Upstream Pre-Intermediate (audio) бесплатно

Upstream Pre-Intermediate (audio)
Upstream Pre-Intermediate
Student's Book, Workbook and Tests
Audio only!

Upstream Beginner A1+ to Intermediate B1+ are complete courses for learners studying English from Beginner to Intermediate levels. They aim at the development of all four skills through a variety of communicative tasks, while allowing for a flexibility of approach which make them suitable for all classes, including large or mixed-ability groups. The key language is regularly recycled, achieving active, holistic and humanistic learning. Their syllabi reflect the guidelines of the Council of Europe Framework.

Скачать The Usborne Book of English Spelling бесплатно

This lively and attractive book will be invaluable to all those who have difficulty with spelling; a help to good spellers who want to avoid the less obvious mistakes; and a guide for foreigners through the illogicalities of English spelling.
The guidelines, rules and exceptions are presented in a highly visual and entertaining form and there are lots of tests and quizzes for readers to check their progress.

Authors: Robyn Gee and Carol Watson
1990 Usborne Publishing

Скачать Writing Your Doctoral Dissertation - Invisible Rules for Success бесплатно

Writing Your Doctoral Dissertation
Invisible Rules for Success
While there are increasing numbers of books which are outlining the parts of a dissertation, there is a need for students to understand both the academic and the social elements which contribute to their progress.
This book combines both of these elements as it provides step-by-step guidance in moving from identifying a research problem to defending your dissertation.

Скачать Writing Skills - Success In 20 Minutes A Day бесплатно

Writing Skills - Success In 20 Minutes A Day
Writing is a lot like fishing. People who are good at fishing study and practice it. They learn which tools to use for catching the best fish in different types of water. No one is born with fishing talent. Some people enjoy it more than others, but everyone can do it if they want. The same goes for writing.
This book will help you acquire the mysterious and coveted power of the pen in 20 easy steps. This book covers the basics of writing: punctuation, usage, diction, and organization. You'll find no fluff in this book; it's for busy people who want to learn as much as they can as efficiently as possible. Each lesson contains enough illustrations for you to get the idea, opportunities to practice the skills, and suggestions for using them in your daily life.

Скачать Elementary Vocabulary Games бесплатно

Elementary Vocabulary Games
Elementary Vocabulary Games Teacher's Resource Book

Сборник игр и коммуникативных заданий для работы в парах, небольших группах или целым классом, направленных на расширение словарного запаса. Уровень - Elementary.
A fantastic selection of pair work, small group and whole class games and activities to help your students develop understanding and fluency in a real, communicative way.
Simple to prepare photocopiable material with full Teacher? notes.
Comprehensive indexes of vocabulary and structures for ease of reference.

- A wide variety of games including puzzles, role-play, board games and guessing

- Each game involves vocabulary memorisation, personalisation, then communication
- Teacher’s notes help you manage each game

Скачать English File 1 WorkBook бесплатно

English File 1 WorkBook

, Lesson-by-lesson support for the core lessons of the Student's Book, grammar check exercises for each grammar file, and a guided writing syllabus. Available with and without key.