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Скачать MEDICINE BOOKS: Dr eBook site бесплатно


I'm proud to present you a great site for all medicine-involved users - no matter if you are a student, a physician, a doctor or professor - you will surely find some books for you. It provides up to date information and covers most of medical areas. Books are sorted by area and are frequently updated.
And of course free of charge and ads-free!

Скачать 'Having Fun 1' бесплатно

'Having Fun 1'
'Having Fun 1'

'Having Fun 1' is another coursebook for Primary English level, provided by daviddoc.

Скачать Join In Starter 1 бесплатно

Join In Starter 1
Join In Starter 1

This fun course for young learners aged 7В–10 years provides a motivating and enjoyable way to learn English. There are four levels plus an optional Starter Level. Join In is easy to use and features lots of delightful characters В– children will love joining in the songs and action stories with Toby the Tiger! The course is based on the theory of Multiple Intelligences which means that it contains a variety of activities to meet the needs of children with differing learning styles. Optional extras, such as videos, flashcards, holiday packs and CD-ROMs, provide additional activities and practice. Key Features,
• Lots of enjoyable activities and fun characters to motivate children to learn.
• An optional CD-ROM full of games and activities. Includes a В‘Help!В’ option in ten different languages!
• Holiday Packs full of puzzles and games for children to do at home or in the holidays. (Contains a colour activity book and audio cassette.)
• Free photocopiable tests available for each level (contact your Cambridge University Press representative for details).

Unit 1. Hello, hello; Unit 2. Numbers; Unit 3. Toys; Revision 1; Unit 4. Colours; Unit 5. School things; Unit 6. My Classroom; Revision 2; Unit 7. Breakfast; Unit 8. Sweets; Revision 3; Unit 9. Christmas.

Book kindly provided by user daviddoc

Скачать Tests for 8th Grades 2. Term (Turkish Students) бесплатно

Tests for 8th Grades 2. Term (Turkish Students)
Test 1 - Expressing Enjoyment / Dislikes / Preferences 1
Test 2 - Expressing Enjoyment / Dislikes / Preferences 2
Test 3 - "So", "Nor"
Test 4 - Expressing Ability
Test 5 - Be Able To / Can
Test 6 - A Few / A Little
Test 7 - How Much, How Many / A Few, A Little
Test 8 - Directions 1
Test 9 - Directions 2
Test 10 - Relative Clauses 1
Test 11 - Relative Clauses 2
Test 12 - Relative Clauses 3
Test 13 - Expressing Feelings 1
Test 14 - Expressing Feelings 2
Test 15 - Should, Shouldn't 1
Test 16 - Should, Shouldn't 2
Test 17 - Present Passive 1
Test 18 - Present Passive 2
Test 19 - Too / Enough 1
Test 20 - Too / Enough 2
Test 21 - Revision Test 1
Test 22 - Revision Test 2
Test 23 - Revision Test 3

Скачать The Noble Quran - translatin бесплатно

Учебник по фармакологии - уверен, очень пригодится знающим и разбирающимся в ней.
It's the best manual of pharmacology in the world medical literature.

Скачать English Vocabualry In Use Advanced бесплатно

English Vocabualry In Use Advanced
Книга по формированию словарного запаса уровня Advanced.

Скачать Thinking Parent,Thinking Child: How to Turn Your Most Challenging Problems into Solutions by Myrna B. Shure бесплатно

Thinking Parent,Thinking Child: How to Turn Your Most Challenging Problems into Solutions by Myrna B. Shure
Book Description
You've tried everything you can think of, but nothing you do seems to have any effect on your child's chronic procrastinating. The school called again to complain that your daughter is still bullying the other kids in her class, and you don't know how to make her stop without becoming a bully yourself. Your son explodes in anger if he loses at anything--sports or even fun family games. And your kids constantly argue with each other and with you. If you're looking for a different way to handle problems like these, this book is for you. Written by internationally acclaimed parenting author Dr. Myrna Shure, Thinking Parent, Thinking Child arms you with powerful techniques for dealing with these and dozens of other issues confronting today's parents.

Скачать Matrix pre-intermediate tests бесплатно

Matrix Course Tests


A series that prepares students for secondary school-leaving exams.

ten Matrix course tests

two Progress Tests

Скачать Practice Exam Papers for Russian National Exam. Student's Book (Единый Государственный Экзамен) бесплатно

Practice Exam Papers for Russian National Exam. Student's Book (Единый Государственный Экзамен)
Practice Exam Papers for Russian National Exam

Student's Book
Настоящее пособие по английскому языку предназначено для учащихся средних школ России. Прежде всего оно представляет интерес для тех выпускников школ, которые готовятся сдавать выпускной экзамен в формате Единого государственного экзамена (ЕГЭ).
Книга отсканирована и загружена пользователем bga.


Добавлено аудио благодаря IrinaM.

Скачать English for Business Studies (2nd ed.) бесплатно

English for Business Studies

Level: Upper-intermediate, Advanced

___ Учебный курс для студентов уровня "выше-среднего" и продвинутого, которые хотят понимать и говорить на ключевые экономические бизнес-темы. Учебник содержит 30 уроков, включая темы о работе и мотивации, производстве, маркетинге, банковском деле, банковскаой этике, об обменных курсах и о международной торговле. Второе издание содержит 2 новые главы: информационная и элетронная коммерция, предпринимательство и венчурный капитал. Также обновлены и другие уроки.

___ English for Business Studies is a course for students who need to be able to understand and talk about key business and economic concepts. The 30 units cover a range of issues, including work and motivation, production, marketing, banking, business ethics, exchange rates and international trade. The second edition contains two new chapters: Information and Electronic Commerce, and Entrepreneurs and Venture Capital. It also includes a full update of the existing units.

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