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Скачать Prehistoric Mad Libs Junior бесплатно

Prehistoric Mad Libs Junior

For 45 years, Mad Libs® has been entertaining and educating children and adults of all ages. It's the classic word game that helps teach parts of speech!

For Grades 3 and up

Скачать Great African Americans бесплатно

Great African Americans Coloring Book

Книжка – раскраска.

Writers, doctors, artists, educators, politicians, sports figures, inventors and many more can be found in this interesting coloring book. Under each sketch is a paragraph telling about the individual.
Carefully researched, finely rendered collection of ready-to-color illustrations pays tribute to 45 remarkable African Americans — among them Frederick Douglass, Thurgood Marshall, Marian Anderson, Martin Luther King, Jr., Mother Hale, Althea Gibson, Duke Ellington, Ralph Ellison, Katherine Dunham, and many others. Captions describe accomplishments.

Скачать Math for children бесплатно

Math for children

Ultimate Math Worksheets Unit 1
+ Apples for Teachers - Colors and Shapes

Number Patterns, Comparing Numbers, Telling Time, Before and After, AcrossDowns,
Shopping List, US Coins and much more.

Скачать Lowercase Alphabet Workbook бесплатно

Lowercase Alphabet Workbook
Preschool Ages 4-6

This workbook helps children practice tracing and writing lowercase letters, an essential first step in learning to read.

Скачать Physical Education бесплатно

Physical Education

2 книги

U6_U8 Practice Soccer - Activities for the Parent_Coach
Physical Education Framework

Скачать More mad libs бесплатно

More mad libs

Еще 3 книги
MadLibs are small books containing about 20 short stories apiece. The game can be played by any number of people. Each of the stories has a title: Police Call, Superstitions, My Dream Man, or Letter from Camp. A descriptive article of the person, place, or event follows. Certain words are omitted in the text. In their place is a blank space with the correct part of speech missing. The needed word is indicated below a provided line. These include nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, proper names, numbers, and even liquids. One person is the reader. They first call out the part of speech needed. The other players volunteer the corresponding words, which the reader notes down in the blanks provided.
Mad Libs Zany Tales - My MisAdventures
Mad Libs Zany Tales - Road Trip
Mad Libs Zany Tales - Fairy Fables

Скачать Small activities books -3 бесплатно

Small activities books – 3

Car Race, Dune Buggy, Gus the Duck, Jake's Tale,
Max's Shop, My Family, My Horse Glory, Peg the Hen,
Pete's Sheep, Robot & Mr. mole, Sky Ride,
Soap Boat, Starfall Activity Pages, Surfer Girl, The Big Hit, Zac the Rat.

Age – 2 – 7

Скачать Speaking Naturally бесплатно

Speaking Naturally
Pre-intermediate to Upper-intermediate
Communication skills in American English. Self-study. The Student's Book focuses on a language function, such as requesting information, thanking, complimenting, and inviting, while readings explain the cultural rules students need to know to communicate naturally and effectively. Structured exercises, as well as freer role plays, often involve pairs or small groups, and encourage interaction in the classroom.
Книга посвящена выработке навыков общения на английском языке в его американском варианте. Предназначена для самостоятельного изучения. В Student's Book собое внимание уделяется таким функциям английского языка, как обращение с просьбой об информации, выражение благодарности, язык комплиментов и приглашений, а в текстах для чтения речь, главным образом, идет о тех аспектах культуры общения в англоязычной среде, знакомство с которыми необходимо изучающим английский язык для того, чтобы их речь звучала естествено и эффективно передавала смысл. Как упражнения с "жесткой" структурой, так и более "гибкие" ролевые игры, зачастую требуют для своего выполнения участия пар обучающихся или малых групп, что способствует общению на английском языке обучающихся в аудитории.

Внимание! У вас нет прав для просмотра скрытого текста.

Скачать It's Just a Plant - Children's Story бесплатно

It's Just a Plant - Children's Story
IT’S JUST A PLANT - a children’s story about marijuana
“What’s that, Mommy?” asked Jackie.
“Are you and Daddy smoking a cigarette?”
“No, baby,” said her mother. “This is a joint.
It’s made of marijuana.”
“Mar-a-whahh?” asked Jackie, sleepily.
“Marijuana,” smiled her dad, “is a plant.”
“What kind of plant?”

Скачать Small activities books бесплатно

Small activities books

The Itsy Bitsy Spider
Tot and Dots
Nap in a Pan
The Rats
Fox and Frog
Bears and Beans
Lotsa Pasta
Travel Games
Did it Fit
The Mutt and the Bug

Age – 2-6