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Скачать Principles of the Institutional Law of International Organizations (Cambridge Studies in International and Comparative Law) бесплатно

Principles of the Institutional Law of International Organizations ( Cambridge Studies in International and Comparative Law)

'Principles of the Institutional Law of International Organizations is still one of the best general works available on organizations.'?Netherlands International Law Review
'… analytical and explanatory, and the author reasons and discusses issues in depth. … answers hypothetical questions where the development in legislation or legal practice has not yet become firm enough to be able to offer an answer to the numerous questions that still remain open in the field of international institutional law. … Amerasinghe commendably dares to take the extra step from the law in force to the law in the making and offers suggestions for solutions, which suggestions may well contribute to the development of the law.'?International Organizations Law Review
'… when the first edition of C. F. Amerasinghe's book on international organizations was published there was a gap in the literature on the topic. There was a need for an up-to-date book that could serve as a manageable guide to institutional law … The book … met the need so effectively that its structuring of institutional law is still today of some impact. … the merits of the book have been located in its general characterization of institutional law, in the identification of both possibilities and limits to the very idea of a law of organizations, and in pinpointing the relationship of institutional law to other areas of international law. … The first question that arises is why a revision is necessary. Amerasinghe answers this question himself. The ever increasing attention paid to judicial organs of organizations required including them into the book.'?Netherlands International Law Review

Скачать Norwegian Folk Tales Retold by Gudrun Thorne-Thomsen бесплатно

Norwegian Folk Tales
East O' the Sun and West O' the Moon
Retold by Gudrun Thorne-Thomsen
Illustrated by Frederick Richardson

A collection of over twenty Norwegian folk tales and fairy tales. In preparing the stories for
publication, the aim has been to preserve, as much as possible, in vocabulary and idiom, the original folklore language, and to retain the conversational style of the teller of tales, in order that the sympathetic young reader may, in greater or less degree, be translated into the atmosphere of the old-time story-hour.

Скачать Reach Student's Book 1 бесплатно

Reach Student's Book 1
'Reach' is an exciting two-level coursewhich takes teenage students from beginner to intermediate level. 'Reach Tests' consists of sixteen short tests and an answer key for each level of 'Reach'.

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Скачать Reach Student's Book 2 + Tests бесплатно

Reach Student's Book 2 and Tests

'Reach' is an exciting two-level course which takes teenage students from beginner to intermediate level. 'Reach Tests' consists of sixteen short tests and an answer key for each level of 'Reach'.

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  • Elementary – Intermediate
This essential resource is full of fun pronunciation activities aiming to improve students’ fluency and confidence and to equip them with the skills they need to understand and be understood in the world today.

A free colour poster of the phonemic chart with accompanying ideas for exploitation is also included.

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Скачать Timesaver Visual Grammar бесплатно

Timesaver Visual Grammar
Timesaver Visual Grammar
Elementary - Intermediate

This 80-page resource book provides a comprehensive collection of the main grammar points covered at elementary, pre-intermediate and intermediate levels, practised through a series of fun and memorable cartoons. Activity types include gap fill and matching exercises, dialogue completion, and question and negative formation.

Скачать The Oxford Handbook of Epistemology бесплатно

The Oxford Handbook of Epistemology

Epistemology, the theory of knowledge, is at the center of mainstream philosophical efforts.
The Oxford Handbook of Epistemology contains nineteen previously unpublished chapters on the theory of knowledge by today's leading figures in the field. These chapters function not only as a survey of key areas but also as original and interesting scholarship on vital topics currently of great interest.

Written accessibly for advanced undergraduates, graduate students, and professional philosophers, the Handbook explains the main ideas and problems of contemporary epistemology while avoiding overly technical detail.

Скачать Young Learners Go! Start with English Workbook A (with Audio) бесплатно

Young Learners Go! Start with English Workbook A (with Audio)

Young Learners Go!
is a complete English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) course that gives young learners a solid foundation and a positive first experience in learning English.
  • Relevant: teaches English through meaningful themes and practical contexts that are relevant to learners' daily lives
  • Based on the multiple intelligences theory: designed to introduce and reinforce language items through specially crafted activities that engage the multiple intelligences in learners
  • Spiral progression teaching: allowing for a complete understanding and acquisition of the language for learners
  • Learner-centric : develops learners' ownership of the language
  • User-friendly: ensures navigation between the Pupil's Book and Workbook is effortless
  • Supports: parents and teachers with the aid of the Teacher's Guide

Скачать American Business Practices & Culture бесплатно

American Business Practices & Culture
is a study material divided into small units. Each unit covers a particular business activity and cultural information.
The objective of the study material is to help students learn American business practices and culture as they are used by business people in their everyday working life in different business settings and situations.
This study material can be used by students at all levels.
American Business Practices & Culture is a supplementary study material for learning some aspects of business activities and cultural information in addition to traditional textbook materials.

Скачать Opportunities Upper-Intermediate Students' Book+Audio CDs бесплатно

Opportunities Upper-Intermediate Students' Book+Audio CDs
Opportunities - Upper Intermediate Students' Book+Audio CDs
Отличный учебник серии Opportunities для уровня Upper-Intermediate.
Modules of topic-based units provide rich, contemporary content based on a wide variety of informative themes. With a discovery approach to grammar and an upfront focus on vocabulary. Opportunities ensures the most effective language learning for teenagers.
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