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Скачать Small activities books бесплатно

Small activities books

The Itsy Bitsy Spider
Tot and Dots
Nap in a Pan
The Rats
Fox and Frog
Bears and Beans
Lotsa Pasta
Travel Games
Did it Fit
The Mutt and the Bug

Age – 2-6

Скачать activities books бесплатно

More activities books for children.

Hippo's Toothache
In the Sea
Ocean Animals
Story of the Sun
The Mighty Saquaro Cactus
Smaller and Smaller
Get in
Where is Cub

Скачать BUILD YOUR VOCABULARY 3 (1998) бесплатно

Upper Intermediate

is part of a series of four graded books designed to increase students' vocabulary from elementary to upper intermediate level. Over 1,000 words and phrases are taught to make vocabulary learning more systematic and fun.

see also:
Build Your Vocabulary 1
Build Your Vocabulary 2

Внимание! У вас нет прав для просмотра скрытого текста.

Скачать Famous African-American Women (Dover Pictorial Archives) бесплатно

Famous African-American Women
( Dover Pictorial Archives)

The contributions of African-American women to education, civil rights, literature, the performing arts, athletics, and other areas are documented in this carefully rendered coloring book. Forty-five illustrations highlight achievements of such notable women as Coretta Scott King, Maya Angelou, Hattie McDaniel, Toni Morrison, Ella Fitzgerald, Leontyne Price, and Shirley Chisholm. Captions.

Скачать Learn about Texas Freshwater Fishes бесплатно

Learn about Texas Freshwater Fishes
By Georg Zappler
Illustrated by Elena T. Ivy

Для детей и всех любителей рыбалки.

Ages 6 to adult (who doesn't like to color and learn?)
More than just a coloring-and-activity book for upper-elementary-school-age children, this book includes detailed information about the anatomy of fish, ancient fishes, and the 174 species of freshwater fishes found in Texas today. Grouped by type (jawless, bony, etc.), the fish are illustrated with black-and-white line drawings, and each fish's distinguishing features and marks are described.
Here's the definitive guide to all the ones that—hopefully—won't get away while you're fishing Texas' abundant fresh waters. Sportsmen and -women will find all their favorites—bass, crappie, sunfish, catfish, buffalo, shad, and trout, to mention just a few, in large, full-color illustrations coupled with an easy-to-read, informative text.
This colorful, attractive publication features 46 of Texas' most important and interesting freshwater fishes and gives details on each species' distribution, appearance, and life habits, along with angling tips and other fishing information. The author, Earl W. Chilton II, is a fisheries biologist working in the Inland Fisheries Division of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Скачать Learn about Texas Insects бесплатно

Learn about  Texas Insects
Learn about Texas Insects
Compiled by Chris Durden
Editorial Direction by Georg Zappler
Art Direction by Elena Ivy

Joining the ranks of Texas Parks and Wildlife's acclaimed Learn About... series, this educational activity book features what are probably the most numerous and easily observed of Texas' animal residents. Here children from six to twelve are introduced to the marvelous world of "bugs"—that great host of hopping, crawling, flying, and buzzing creatures more properly called insects.
Youngsters can color eye-catching line drawings of many of the most common, as well as unusual, Texas insects—all of them interesting, some of them beneficial, and some, without question, pests. The accompanying easy-to-read text gives important facts about insect lifeways and insects' roles in nature. Interspersed throughout are instructive games and suggested activities. Included, too, is a 17" by 22" coloring poster.

Для детей 6- 12 лет, энтомологов и просто любителей насекомых, если таковые вообще найдутся.

Скачать Progress in English Grammar 1 бесплатно

Progress in English Grammar
is a series of three books which practise and consolidate the main grammar structures for beginner, elementary and intermediate students. Book 1 practises and consolidates the main English grammar structures needed by beginners. The clear instuctions and simple exercice-types make this book easy to use for homework or self-study.

Скачать Baby Animals (Dolphin Readers Starter Level) бесплатно

Baby Animals (Dolphin Readers Starter Level)
Baby Animals

Dolphin Readers Starter Level (175 Headwords)

Книга для чтения для самых маленьких.

Скачать A Teacher's Guide To Blackboard Drawing бесплатно

A Teacher's Guide To Blackboard Drawing
A Teacher's Guide To Blackboard Drawing

Если вы преподаёте английский - не обойдите вниманием эту книгу! Она научит вас рисовать предметы и людей на доске, тем самым придавая вашим объяснениям наглядности и немного юмора.

This book will help teachers of English make their presentations visual by explaining ways of drawing objects and people on the black- (or white-) board.

Скачать Business Communication Games: Photocopiable Games and Activities for Students of English for Business бесплатно

Business Communication Games
36 photocopiable games providing excellent Business fluency practice for students of Intermediate and Upper-Intermediate level.

How can it be used?
As a supplement to, and consolidation of, work with an intermediate-level coursebook.
In large classes, small groups, and even one-to-one teaching.
In both monolingual and multilingual classes.
Who is it for?
In-service learners.
Pre-experience students.