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Скачать Education Studies: An Introduction бесплатно

Автор: Lisa Murphy, Emmanuel Mufti, Derek Kassem
Издательство: Open University Press
Размер файла: 0.83 Mb
Формат Файла: Rar'd PDF

Product Description:

This book is an essential guide for all education studies students, providing you with a clear overview of the key issues within your first year. It is an introductory text that encourages critical engagement, to enable you to develop a detailed understanding of the power and importance of education.

. . The issues are presented in four main sections - Theoretical Perspectives; Policy; Society and the Individual; Inside the School - helping you to make the connections between the different themes. 'Stop, Think and Do' boxes play a key part throughout the book, encouraging you to critically reflect on both the issues within the chapters and within Education as a whole.

. . Other features include:

  • Introductions to each chapter to link the themes discussed in each section .
  • A summary of the key issues in each chapter for reflection .
  • Examples and case studies .
  • Links to key readings
. . The book helps you to extend your understanding of educational issues beyond schools to other phases of educational provision..

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