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Скачать Volcanoes (Early Bird Earth Science) бесплатно

Автор: Sally M. Walker
Издательство: Lerner Publications
Размер файла: 7 mb
Формат Файла: PDF

This no-nonsense series introduces a wide range of non-fiction subjects using a straightforward narrative approach. Young readers will find these lively texts on high interest subjects very approachable. A classic and uncluttered design uses a mix of photos and artwork to support the text, which is broken up into short chapters. Each book contains a simple contents, glossary and index. An explosive first look at Volcanoes. The book begins with an exciting description of an eruption and proceeds to explain simply and clearly the processes involved. Diagrams and dramatic photos illustrate active and dormant volcanoes such as Vesuvius, Surtsey and Krakatoa.

Approved by Maria

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