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Скачать Reading A-Z – Leveled Poetry Readers (Various Levels) бесплатно

Автор: various
Издательство: Learning Page, Inc.
Размер файла: 28.4 MB/31.5 MB (394 pages)
Формат Файла: rar/pdf

There are many benefits that can be gained by exposing students to poetry reading activities. The Poetry Readers borrow from many traditional rhymes, classic rhymes, and commissioned works. They are an excellent way to introduce various rhyme patterns. When used as read-alouds with early emergent readers, the books provide opportunities for students to listen for rhyming patterns, an important phonological awareness skill. More advanced readers can enjoy reading books with rhyme and rhythm.

1. Trick or Treat! A Halloween Rhyme (Level U)
2. Lotsa Pasta (Level T)
3. Bird Children (Level Y)
4. Mother Earth's Children (Level T)
5. Flower Children (Level U)
6. Wildflower Children (Level U)
7. Bird Children Book 2 (Level S)
8. Mother Earth's Children Book 2 (Level T)
9. Flower Children Book 2 (Level U)
10. Wildflower Children Book 2 (Level T)
11. Summer's a Bummer (Level R)
12. Susan (Level T)
13. Christmas in Animal Land (Level S)
14. I Had a Great Day (Level O)
15. Making Spaghetti (Level R)
16. Snow (Level Q)
17. Just the Wind (Level Q)
18. Peter Pumpkin Picker (Level R)
19. Poetry Anthology (Level R)
20. Trading for Lunch Money (Level Q)
21. Tread Softly (Level T)
22. Ocean Poems (Level U)
23. The Meaning of Numbers (Level E)
24. How Long? (Level L)
25. Looking for Numbers (Level L)
26. I'm All Right
27. Reading Mysteries (Level J)
28. My Places (Level N)
29. So Much to Learn (Level O)
30. Circle of Smiles (Level J)
31. Winter Holidays (Level R)
32. Making Changes: Poems about Great African-Americans (Level T)
33. Expressing Myself (Level Q)
34. A Nation Arises (Level T)
35. The Rabbit
36. Miss Susie: A Handclap Game
37. The Perfect Snowball (Level I)
38. Winter Is Fun (Level K)
39. I'm Never Alone
40. Planets of My Solar System
41. My Stars
42. Why Do I Care?

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