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Скачать Technical English 1 A&B Workbook бесплатно

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Technical English is a four-level course specially written for students in technical or vocational education, and for company employees in training at work.It covers the core language and skills that students need to communicate successfully in all technical and industrial specialisations.


Level 1 is for students with a basic knowledge of general English who now require an elementary course in English for specific purposes.


  • User-friendly: technical concepts are clearly presented using motivating texts and clear illustrations
  • Updated: topics reflect the latest developments in technology and are relevant to students’ needs
  • Flexible: the course uses core language common to a range of specialisations
  • Sound: grammar is regularly practised and there is a very complete grammar summary section
  • Communicative: the four skills are practised and integrated in realistic contexts

workbook A 5 MB

wokbook B 5 MB

Audio for Workbook A MP3, 74,1 MB
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Размер файла: 5 MB

Формат Файла: PDF in RAR


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