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Скачать Creating Responsible Learners: The Role of a Positive Classroom Environment бесплатно

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Product Description:

This practical guide for teachers discusses the factors that contribute to a productive classroom atmosphere and promote self-regulatory behavior on the part of students. On the basis of the latest research findings, the authors describe ways in which teachers can meet students' affective needs and desire for classroom control, without losing control themselves. Case examples, classroom tips, self- or group study questions, and suggested readings make this volume accessible and easy to use.

Table of Contents



  • Statement of Rationale and Goals
  • Overview of This book

Goal 1: Defining a Positive Classroom Environment

  • Student Views
  • Teacher Views
  • Comparison of Student and Teacher Views

Goal 2: Meeting Students' Needs for a Positive Classroom Environment

  • Emotional Safety
  • Fun
  • Self-Confidence
  • Belonging
  • Power and Freedom

Goal 3: Understanding and Implementing a Student-Directed Approach to Discipline

  • Possibilities for Student Self-Discipline
  • Shortcomings of Traditional Forms of Discipline
  • The Principles Underlying a Schoolwide Student Self-Discipline program
  • Case Study: La Cima Middle School

Goal 4: Understanding the Limits and Obstacles to Implementing These Recommendations





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