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Скачать Spotlight 5 Class CDs (Audio only) бесплатно

Автор: Virginia Evans, Jenny Dooley etc.
Издательство: Express Publishing
Размер файла: mp3
Формат Файла: 192 Mb

Spotlight Secondary is a course for learners of the English language at CEF A1-A2 level.  The course combines active English learning with a variety of lively topics presented in themed modules.

Key Features

* realistic, stimulating dialogues featuring people in everyday situations  
* development of vocabulary and grammar through interactive tasks and study skills tips
* wide variety of listening practice  
* writing sections containing models and project work  
* variety of reading texts from contemporary authentic sources  
* pronunciation practice, games, cartoons, jokes and songs  
* progress check pages at the end of each module  
* curricular cuts, cultural & cross-cultural corners and literature sections  
* focus on grammar in each module plus a grammar reference section at the back

Only audio for the moment.

Track list:

Spotlight 5 Class CDs (Audio only)

Download the audio:


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