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Скачать Powerful Proofreading Skills : Tips, Techniques and Tactics Fifty-Minute Series бесплатно

Автор: Smith, Debra.; Sutton, Helen
Издательство: Course PTR
Размер файла: 1.1MB
Формат Файла: html

Unlike many subjects, proofreading is not a theoretical topic. It’s concrete—specific—comprised of “how to’s.” The rules and guidelines we’ll offer you are simple and practical. You’ll have a chance to check your understanding and evaluate your progress in each section of this book. Practice is the key; we’ll give you plenty of exercises along the way.  We believe that people learn faster and retain information longer when they are having fun. That’s what we want for you. So our goal in the pages that follow is to make the proofreading tips, techniques, and tactics enjoyable and memorable and to make you a stronger and more effective proofreader. We hope you share this goal with us.  Here’s to becoming a powerful proofreader. Enjoy!

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