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Скачать BBC New English Course CD_ ROM (Elementary level) бесплатно

Автор: BBC English
Издательство: BBC English
Размер файла: 338 MB
Формат Файла: rar including .nrg

The BBC NEW ENGLISH COURSE includes 24 CD ROM and is the world’s most successful language learning course.

It has been designed to satisfy all your English language learning needs. It has 36 functions. This program is suitable for learners at all levels of English proficiency; from the absolute beginner to those people who need English for academic or business purposes.

Each set contains 24 disks, with each disk comprising of 4 units, each disk includes:

  • 800 Vocabulary Words.
  • 420 Daily Conversation Patterns.
  • 250 Test Questions.
  • 300 Eye-catching, Full Color Pictures.
  • 4 English Songs.
  • The International Phonetic Alphabet.
  • An Easy-to-use English Dictionary.
  • A Comparative Usage Dictionary Between American and British English and Formal versus Informal Usage.
  • A Pronunciation Guide for English.

    Elementary Level (Disc 5-8)

    Practicing and applying daily English: Telephoning, shopping, checking-in and out of hotels making suggestions, etc. You are learning ways of expressing your opinions here. Your vocabulary will increase and you can understand British and American daily lives.
    HowTo install the course

    please note that
    when the system ask you to insert the flooby disc(may be not avalable)
    insert USB flash memory
    Run the the program from  start - programes - BBC icon
    use this program to create floppy image
    More information about how to use this course

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